Strengthening the 2 Way Compliance Advise Process: Compliance perspective

Developing a Capable Compliance Advisee

In the true spirit of building a compliance capability that is in itself business value, what type of a stakeholder should be a recipient of a compliance advise (Compliance Advisee)?

Key personnel is generally associated with senior leadership in a corporate set up. This is a key stakeholder in a compliance echo system. What type of basic compliance technical competencies should they posses or develop in order to be assured that (1) they are receiving the correct compliance advise from Compliance; (2) the standard and the quality of the compliance advise is above board; and (3) the compliance journey through which they are being led by compliance is generally in line with all the applicable fundamentals of their business broadly and continues to be as such.

The current business environment has in many ways necessitated that these checks and balances are continuously being enhanced in pursuit of world class compliance capability that is in itself business value.

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